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    Some English Grammar Rules for Capitalizing Titles

    Some English Grammar Rules for Capitalizing Titles.

    Dear Learners, of course, you have seen that Title is written by using capital letters. Do you know why? Actually, it is very important things which you need to learn which will increase your...

    Sentence (English Grammar)

    Welcome to abc of edu’s English Grammar Lesson . In this lesson I will discuss about Sentence and kinds of sentence – simple sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence. This lesson is very important for...
    Improve Spelling and Grammar Skills

    Improve Spelling & Grammar Skills.

    Today I am going to write about How to improve spelling and grammar skill. By Sharpening your spelling and grammar you will understand your writing or spelling skills. Learning some basic rules will ensure...
    Improve Spelling and Grammar Skills

    10 Basic English Grammar Rules

    In every language has some basic rules so that the speaker or will be learner needs to realize before moving on to harder skills at the first time. English itself has some basic rules...
    Essay writing skills

    How to write Paragraph easily?

    Welcome to our writing sections. In previous lesson, you have learn from my lesson – How to Write short compositions , How to write letter , How to Write essay. In this lesson I...

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