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    Essay writing skills

    Essay writing skills that you need to know

    Essay writing is not easy at all for you if you are not native English. All types of essay should be written in a flowing manner with each sentence following on rationally from the...
    write English well , Write Every Day

    How to Write in English Well

    Hello everybody, Today I am going to writing about an important thing and it is how to write in English correctly. In previous 4 lesson, I have showed you – How to Write short...

    Difference between Writing and Editing

    Today I am going to write about the differences between writing and editing. It has always been a important element of writing as well as a isolated function, but as self-publishing, online and in...
    english grammar in english

    How to Correct Your Grammar Easily?

    Hello everybody, how are you? Today I am going to teach you about an interesting thing, How to Correct Your Grammar Easily. I think it will help you to correct your grammar. When you...

    Sentence (English Grammar)

    Welcome to abc of edu’s English Grammar Lesson . In this lesson I will discuss about Sentence and kinds of sentence – simple sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence. This lesson is very important for...

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