Hello, everybody, I think you are well. Today I am going to discuss How to Learn English Grammar through Short Stories. I think it will be very helpful for your English language learning. Many students can find learning grammar an uphill battle. As a teacher, you can certainly spice up your grammar lesson and beat boredom with a short story. There is an endless number of short story method to choose from, including dramatic classics or modern stories. Incorporate a grammar lesson while giving students something interesting to read out. One can use a short story to reinforce any grammar lesson, from comma which is generally used to capitalization.

Short Story
One can use this grammar exercise for any level. At first, you should ask your students to become editors for this exercise. Then select a short story and change words or punctuation in the story to incorrect grammar. You could also replace only a certain part of speech, like helping verbs, to reinforce what students are learning in class. After that one should give one’s students the short story to read and correct. Then try to see how many of the errors they recognized in the story. You can also delete necessary punctuation in the story and ask your students to add the punctuation where it is really needed.

One can try to exercise in middle school or high school. So at first ask students to write their own short story. To narrow the focus you can also ask them to include a certain part of speech, like prepositional phrases. When they are ready to complete the stories, have them choose a partner and swap stories at all. Finally, ask the students to rewrite the stories incorporating with the corrections.
One may use this exercise in middle school or high school after students have generally been taught each part of speech in a sentence at all. So select a short story that has four or five paragraphs. The number each sentence which is in the short story. Then one should go around the room and assign each student a sentence. The students must have to label each word in their sentence with a part of speech at all, such as “proper noun” or “conjunction.” rewrite the students’ sentences. You can certainly assign two students to one sentence and have them work together or check their answers easily.
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