Hello everybody, how are you? Today I am going to teach you about an interesting thing, How to Correct Your Grammar Easily. I think it will help you to correct your grammar. When you first learned English, you learned some ways to keep sentences together. Over time you may have forgotten the grammar rules you learned and built some poor grammar habits. If English becomes your first language, you may want some tests and pointers to assist you in using proper grammar. By improving your grammar will generally take some time and effort, but with a plan and practice, you can properly correct some of the grammar gaffes which you sometimes make. Your writing and speaking skills will be continued to progress as you try to practice using the grammar rules you learned.


english grammar in english , Correct Your Grammar Easily


Things you will need for these purposes:

1. English grammar book

2. English reading material

At first one should identify common grammar error which you make. Always try to learn the different mistakes in grammar which speakers of your native language usually make if you are really learning English. Some common grammar mistakes require using the contraction. You should make a plan to focus on one grammar rule or point at a time. You have to spend a week on each grammar

point so that you may conscientiously use it on a regular basis when you speak even if you write.

Always use a grammar book to fix your grammar mistakes. You can also find the Internet for “English grammar” to see the examples and explanations of the grammar rules you want to learn actually. You can also take online grammar quizzes to enrich your knowledge and usage of grammar.

You have to search the Internet for “English grammar quiz” to find examples. You can join an online language exchange, such as My Language Exchange, if you become a non-native English speaker You will always meet online with a person who usually speaks English fluently and who generally wants to learn your native language in fact. Then you should ask your conversation partner to fix your grammar when the two of you talk together and to correct your writing capacity when you email each other. But if you are a native English speaker, you must ask a friend to note you to use proper grammar when you speak and write well. I think these methods will be very helpful for you. You should try them.

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