In every language has some basic rules so that the speaker or will be learner needs to realize before moving on to harder skills at the first time. English itself has some basic rules which people need to abide by it to create sense to hearers and readers at the same time. Here are 10 basic English grammar rules which are really easy to realize and easy to learn.


To learn English fluency for students or studying grammar can slow down your development significantly. Basic grammar is very important, but centering on grammar will hinder you from being able to speak English fluently in a sensible time frame. Grammar is most important to improve communication and writing skills at the same time, but this only relates to those who have a solid base in English fluency.


If you are reading for an exam or want to understand the full details of grammar rules, you can certainly study grammar section at English Grammar Basics. One unity among everyone in the whole world is that they tried learning to speak before they learned grammar efficiently. Moreover speaking is the first process for any English learner. So if you are a beginner at English, please just focus on your speaking and listening skills prior to realizing grammar.


After being capable of speaking English fluently, at first, you will realize how much easier the grammar is. But it does not work the other way. Being confident in English-speaking will help you with your grammar educations, but studying grammar will not just help you with your speaking and learning. Here is some Basic English Grammar rule that you will need to know.

Improve Spelling and Grammar Skills


10 Basic English Grammar Rules That You Need To Know

  1. Just only use capital letters for appropriate nouns and at the first of a sentence.
  2. In every sentence, there should be one noun and one verb at the same time. A sentence with more than one noun or verb is always confusing to understand at all.
  3. When a sentence will complete, just use appropriate punctuation. So there is no need to have dual punctuation when finishing a sentence. If an apostrophe is needed you have to make sure to use it to show your ownership. An apostrophe is also used when words are shortened.
  4. Whenever writing other multiple sentences about the same subject or line you thought about, just use paragraphs to distribute long segments of writing.
  5. When linking two lines of thought of a sentence, you should use a conjunction to make things or make better sense.
  6. Do not try to end a sentence with a preposition.
  7. The sentences should be completed thoughts and not wreckages.
  8. The conjunction word should not be used to start of a sentence.
  9. Don’t try to use double negatives. Such as- no, not and never.
  10. Always avoid repeating lines of thought in a sentence.


The Rules of English grammar seems to be hard to understand, but it is not impossible. By following these English grammar rules you will be capable in writing and speech. I think you have got the proper idea about this article. Thank you.


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